Episode 32 ~ We Want YOU to Be a Part of BROCKHAMPTON

Geronimo resigns himself to his anime game corner to avoid the bad energy emanating from Joshua’s many ongoing personal crises, all of which he copes with through his remarkable JUICE WRLD impression. Wanting to get in on the rap game as well, Corbin gets his ear pierced, being contacted soon after by his heroes in BROCKHAMPTON.

Music by Joshua.


Episode 30 ~ Volcel: Corbin Anew

Corbin finds a purpose in life through a Runescape membership, to Geronimo’s dismay and Joshua’s support- the era of peace is brought to an abrupt halt, however, when Ben Shapiro breaks into Joshua’s apartment with the intention of engaging in debate.

Shaken up by the trauma of the invasion, the trio examines their social lives in the midst of the blossoming but likely ill-fated marriages of their peers, culminating in Corbin’s decision to lead a life of celibacy. Joshua holds out due to the fact that the Sonic film will be released on Valentine’s Day, necessitating romantic companionship.

Music by Joshua.


Episode 29 ~ Racist from the Nth Dimension

Joshua finally digs his way to freedom after being trapped for six months in a hole he accidentally fell into, only to find that he’s been replaced by a racist ethereal being from dimensions beyond our comprehension. As Corbin, Geronimo, and “Paul” discuss MORE upcoming Marvel movies and the Kyoto Animation fire, Joshua fights desperately to preserve the integrity of the show.

Donate to victims of Kyoto Animation attack: https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2019/07/24-1/kyoto-animation-officially-starts-accepting-donations-through-bank-transfer

Music: Joshua

Sounds: Corbin


Episode 28 ~ Gettin’ Swung at Anime Expo

In the wake of Michael Jackson’s death, Corbin, Geronimo, and Joshua come together to discuss Corbin’s time in Japan studying abroad, Joshua’s education crumbling marriage, and Geronimo’s time at Anime Expo playing the Kingdom Hearts III demo.

Also discussed are Corbin’s dream about being murdered by Neil Degrasse Tyson, Geronimo’s budding stock market.

Music and sound effects by Joshua.


Episode 27 ~ Minecraft Glory Days

It’s a brand new and shiny episode after a not-so-short break!
In this episode, Geronimo gushes about persona 5, Joshua fails to move on from 13 Reasons Why, and Corbin remembers the good old days of Minecraft. We also discuss PC ports of console games, the new Nightwing and Batgirl movies, James Comey, and zombie-survival games.

P.S: Sorry about the audio quality this episode. Local recording corrupted, so we needed to use backup recording.


Episode 26 ~ Shingeki no Middle Class Gangster

Brought to you by white ambiguously racist rappers, Geronimo admits that he accidentally ingested his copy of Persona 5 while delirious from eating an extra Flinstones vitamin. That doesn’t stop him from talking about his favorite 2D girlfriend JRPG series, though, an interest that Joshua accepts due to Corbin’s vow of silence giving him no choice.

Also of interest is the season 2 premiere of Sword Art Online x The Walking Dead: Attack on Titan, full of fun stuff like mom consumption and unfaithful horses, leading in to a few 4chan experiences and discussion of Yooka-Laylee’s reception, which, although somewhat mixed, is still better than the reception Joshua’s service gets when he works his shifts at Cracker Barrel.


Episode 25 ~ Breath of the Wild is a Good Game

Despite the new Mass Effect’s legion of undead , there have been some great games this year, and there are more to come. Joshua mentions this while blinking back tears as Geronimo brags about how he works not because he NEEDS to, but because he WANTS to. Corbin is distraught over being unable to sell his blood, but they all bond over just how good Breath of the Wild is, which only Joshua has put a lot of time into.