Episode 53 ~ Josh has the suds

WARNING: Elden Ring bashing and like 30 straight minutes of Batman talk.
Josh caught the suds and Corbin does an Elden Ring postmortem where we nitpick it to hell. After, Geronimo tastes the stars and it kinda tastes like cherry and we spend entirely too long talking about new and old Batman films.
Music by Joshua.

Episode 51 ~ The Absolute State of Gumby

wouldn’t it be fucked up if Geronimo went out and had a little day out on the town
wouldn’t it be fucked up if we had better relationships with our dads
wouldn’t it be fucked up if copyright laws didn’t hurt people
wouldn’t it be fucked up if ya girl neglected you for her books

Episode 50 ~ Episode 50

It’s the fiftieth episode spectacular, two out of three people just fucking shill some fast food chains because the the other person is in the bathroom, a weird motif of conversations about bodily waste, I killed my mother on April 13, 2002, and I got away with it. They took pity on me because I was just a child, but I knew what I was doing. I work at a post office now and have a dog that hates me.

Episode 49 ~ FromSoft Theology

Hey, scatterheads, we’ve got a real pickle here. Corbin hasn’t stopped playing Dark Souls 3 since the last episode, and he’s on his fifth playthrough. He stopped coming into work, and rent’s coming up at the end of the month. Any little bit helps, and we know he needs it! $CorbinEdwards

Music by Joshua.

Also don’t actually give us money – Geronimo

Episode 47 ~ Christmas Special 2021

Corbin really hates some guy from Better Call Saul, Joshua really likes Metroid Dread, nobody else has seen the new spiderman, and Geronimo continues to like Taylor Swift. It’s a Scattered Afterthoughts Christmas.

Music by Kevin MacLeod (I didn’t have time to find another Christmas song – Geronimo)