We are Scattered Afterthoughts

At the core, Scattered Afterthoughts is a group of friends. We are also a podcast, YouTube channel, and a twitch stream.

Our podcast features members of Scattered Afterthoughts and the occasional guest. The members and topics change every episode. We often talk video games, movies, music, or anything that comes to mind. Above all, the podcast is a group of friends talking about what they love.

The YouTube channel features a variety of content and creators. We focus on current games, but older titles still get some love. We also stream on twitch, although there is no official schedule for streams at this time.

The members of Scattered Afterthoughts

Currently, the group includes the following content creators:

  • Geronimo Lopez
  • Joshua Snell
  • Luke Keeling
  • Jason Nash

Our philosophy

Our primary focus in everything we do is: have fun. If we don’t have fun playing a game, we won’t record it. If we don’t feel comfortable talking about current events, they won’t appear in the podcast. We believe this is the best way to ensure the audience has fun listening to or watching us. If we don’t have fun, how can the audience have fun? It’s that simple.